Mummu | Spotify: Take it to 200%


From the creator:

Mummu whipped up an exciting mix of graphic inked illustration and fluid 2D cel animation about emerging artist Cuco, his music, and how he stayed creative during 2020. This was a unique opportunity and invitation to collaborate with Spotify and QuickFrame, producing an on-platform video and audio advertisement for Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

In the 60-second spot, Cuco’s words and passions are brought to life with a surreal and psychedelic twist, marrying up perfectly with his distinct musical style and laid back character. The vibrant branding of Cinnamon Toast Crunch brought the out-of-this-world style to life with bright colours and exciting patterns. The brand’s distinctive Cinnamoji characters play a fun and comic supporting role, accompanying Cuco on his wild journey, which ends with him on the sofa enjoying his favourite cereal!


Produced & Directed by Mummu

Client: Spotify x Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Agency: Quickframe

Agency Producer: Dillon Wilensky

Animation Directors: Sam Atkin & Karl Hammond

Illustrator: Inga Ziemele

2D Animation: Alex Potts, Chiara Sgatti, Katie Taysum, Emma Wakley

Clean-Up: Mark Abbott, Pafo Gallieri,  Jack Gould, Alex Potts, Mindaugas Suchockas, Katie Taysum, Emma Wakley, Inga Ziemele

Compositors:  Raf Aflalo, Luke Simpson

Sound Design: Marco Martini


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