NEWS: launches to become the leading online community for video & filmmakers.
 is a new online platform dedicated to video and filmmakers. Half of the service allows users to upload and embed videos on their own websites, while the other half features a curated gallery of videos, allowing users to follow artists, collect videos, comment, like and share. Think of it as if Dribbble and Vimeo had a baby.

“With Vimeo’s pivot to become a video “creation” service, there’s a need for a new community that video and filmmakers can call home. We created Post to fulfill this need and to seize the opportunity to create the community we’ve always wanted.”
-Tyler Williams Post co-founder

Post was created by the founders of, and as motion designers themselves, they saw an opportunity to create a video platform unlike anything in the market, with features they always wanted. A few key features include:

Highly customizable video players
Forced high-resolution playback on embedded videos
Looping video controls
Attachments (Attach files to video uploads making them available for download by the community)
Video download controls
Previewable thumbnails
More coming soon!

Memberships to Post can be found here and range from Free up to $20 per month, with each offering different amounts of storage space and features. For only $10 per month, users get access to 250gb of storage space, as well as, customizable video embeds.

The site already features amazing work created by incredibly talented artists. Head on over to Post and have a look.



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