Playboy Safe Six



Client: Playboy Enterprises International, Inc.

Agency: Preacher
Chief Creative Officer: Rob Baird
Chief Executive Officer: Krystle Loyland Chief Strategy Officer: Seth Gaffney Associate Creative Director: Maxx Delany Associate Creative Director: Nick Troop Senior Designer: Tim Praetzel Production Artist: Jenna Krackenberger Exec Producer: Stacey Higgins Business Affairs: Abbi Press

Motion Design: Proper Studio
Motion Design Director: Chapman Bullock

Illustrators: Nick Troop/ Tim Praetzel

Edit House: Union Editorial Executive Producer: Vicki Russell Producer: Julie Anderson
Editor: Kevin Ray
Assistant Editor: Drew Johnson
Music: Singing Serpent Executive Producer: Dennis Culp Composer: Conor Meads Vocalist: Rebecca Jade
EP: Glen Galloway
Mix: TBD Post, Dusty Albertz
Audio Producer: Francess Thomas-Sahr


From the creator:

PSA: Practice Safe Six - The Playboy take on social distancing.

Collaborated with Preacher on a project to help spread the importance of Social Distancing through the eyes of Playboy.

The spot draws comparisons between the rules of practicing safe sex and the guidelines of preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Below is a full list of the rules

1. Wash Before and After: Proper Hygiene helps flatten the curve. Scrub for at least 20 seconds at a time, every time.

2. Wear Protection: Stop the spread of socially transmitted infection. Wear a mask and gloves, when appropriate.

3. Limit Your Social Partners: What you do in private is your business. But on essential business, try to keep your encounters to a minimum.

4. Ask Permission: Boundaries are more important now than ever. Make sure it’s okay before you enter someone’s personal space.

5. Communicate: If you’ve come in contact with COVID-19, tell loved ones and self-isolate.

6. Abstain (not sexually): Going without isn’t our style, but neither is COVID-19. Resist urges to be socially active so we can all be back together.

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