Project Ellis

Dress Code

From the creator:

If you or someone you love is affected by the new executive orders on immigration and needs help — whether it’s legal advice, money for travel/accommodations, whatever — please use Project Ellis (Entrepreneurs’ Liberty Link in Silicon Valley) to ask for assistance. You, your friends and your colleagues are not alone. Please spread the word.

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Client: Project Ellis

Produced and Directed by: Dress Code
Executive Creative Director: Dan Covert
Director: Wes Ebelhar
Executive Producer: Brad Edelstein

Producer: Tara Rose Stromberg

Design: Wes Ebelhar, Rasmus Löwenbrååt

Lead Animator: Wes Ebelhar

Additional Animation: Rasmus Löwenbrååt, Vincenzo Lodigiani

Script: Michael Dearing, Dan Covert, Tara Rose Stromberg

Music & Sound: YouTooCanWoo

VO: Michael Dearing

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love this style!

Harry Thompson

nice work!. Must be inspired by one of my faves:

Katryna Sleptzoff

I thought the same thing. I was so sure it mustve been by the same people, but nope. That video HAD to have been inspiration for this, its so similar


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