Radiohead “Daydreaming”


From the creator:

This is my experimental vignette interpretation of a section of the song "Daydreaming (alt. string)" for the Radiohead's "Series of Vignettes Contest", where I worked with geometric shapes and textures (16:9 version, originally 1:1). More info and process about this project:

Radiohead - Daydreaming Vignette
Direction, Design & Animation: Leo G Franchi
Audio: Provided by The Beggars Group for the Contest
Year: 2016

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Pedro Ramos

Love the textures!

Eduardo Los Establez

When the objects start drifting apart at around 38 seconds I feel the images are in closest relationship to the feel of the song. But perhaps they wouldn’t seem so right without the ‘stop-motion’ sections that bookend them. Either way, I thought it was lovely piece.


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