Ruben’s Elevator

Dress Code

From the creator:

Seventy-five year old Ruben Pardo is the oldest elevator manual operator in Los Angeles. For six days a week over the past 40 years, he has helped the patrons of the Art Deco marvel at 5514 Wilshire Blvd “up and down” while enlightening them with positive musings on the simple joys of life. Congrats on 40 years Ruben!


Starring: Ruben Pardo
Produced and Directed by: Dress Code (
Executive Producers: Dan Covert + Andre Andreev
Producer: Tara Rose Stromberg
Cinematography: Andre Andreev
Edit: Mike Cook + Dan Covert
Color: Andre Andreev
Assistant Camera: Herbie Wei
Production Cordinator: Nick Stromberg
End Titles: Rasmus Löwenbrååt, Dan Covert
Music + Sound Design: YouTooCanWoo
On Set Sound: Matteo Liberatore
Shot on Location in Los Angeles on a Red Epic
Special Thanks: Ruben Pardo, Ace Gallery, Kasey Taylor, Douglas Chrismas

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ruben is so awesome! I remember him distinctly from back in the day when working at National. So good!


wasn’t there another film made about the same guy in the 90s?


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