Sleep well





Creative Direction
Pol Solà, Marcello Buselli

Nicole Woodman

Art Direction
Pol Solà

Pol Solà

Pol Solà, Carlo Candido Todesco

Eze Matteo

Edit & Compositing
Eze Matteo, Pol Solà

Sound Design
Raül Peix

Evermind Team:
Jaco Stackhouse
David Bonas
Melissa Lang


From the creator:

SLEEP WELL is the second video we made in collaboration with Evermind, explaining how people can reduce their levels of stress using scientific-proven techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness and Meditation.

Acting as the protagonist again, the white sphere gives us an explanation of the app’s one specific module related to the impact of stress in our sleep. Insomnia, along with anxiety, is one of the most common consequences of stress and it affects our mood and concentration at work. Sliding across a cosmic atmosphere that reminds the moon, the white ball drives us through the vicious circle which is usually created between stress and insomnia and encourages us to break it using scientific-based techniques. Ending with the hanging mobile symbolic and evocative image, this story tells us the true possibility of finding solutions to find better sleep at night so to keep our immune system healthy.

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