Strava // Year In Sport

Giant Ant

From the creator:

We were very very excited when Stink Studios brought us in to this year's #yearinsport project for Strava. We created 20 code-driven, customizable scenes designed to be remixed to best express a specific Strava user's data in a 75 second year-end film. So far over 2 million unique films have been created.

Client: Strava
Agency: Stink
Directed by Giant Ant
Producer: Teresa Toews, Jay Grandin
Creative Direction: Jay Grandin
Art Direction: Rafael Mayani
Storyboard: Jay Grandin, Rafael Mayani, Jorge R Canedo E
Design: Rafael Mayani, Jorge R Canedo E, Jay Grandin
Additional Storyboard & Design: Taylor Peters, Shawn Hight
Animation Direction: Jorge R Canedo E
Animation: Jorge R Canedo E, Taylor Peters, Shawn Hight, Jay Grandin
Sound Design & Original Music: CypherAudio

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