The Ricochet Splendid


From the creator:

The Ricochet Splendid

Our new non commercial project:
In an uncertain future, a group of crazy and less than obedient squad, fight the great war. This league of misfits uses humor to get along the hard life of a soldier. In spite of the constant teasing, this fraternity look up to each other in hard time.
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Twitter: @2veintestudio

Directed & done by ... 2veinte
Creative Director ... Pablo Gostanian
Executive Director ... Agustin Valcarenghi
Animation Director ... Diego Polieri
Art Direction ... Pablo Gostanian, Diego Polieri
Lead Cel Animation ... Diego Polieri, Fernando Toninello, Juan Nadalino, Israel Giampietro
Additional Animation ... Patricio Plaza, Martin Gil, Julian Fumagalli
Cel Animation Assist ... Yasmin Hanna, Denise Cirone, Diego Frachia, Ivan Greco
Additional Clean up ... Facundo Garcia, Agostina Salvemini, Nahuel Sagarnaga
Idea ... Pablo Gostanian
Characters design .... Diego Polieri
Story ... Pablo Gostanian, Diego Polieri, Melisa Farina
Composition ... Daniel di Paola, Mateo Vallejo
Edition ... Pablo Gostanian, Diego Polieri
Production Coordination ... Carolina L’avena
3D Animation .... Mateo Vallejo
Illustration ... Diego Polieri, Nahuel Sagarnaga, Patricio Delpeche
Additional Illustration ... Santiago Villa
Robots Design ... Delfina Perez
Additional AE animation ... Daniel Di Paola
Original Music ... Thomas Richard Christensen
Ending Credits Music ... Sergio Denis - “Un poco loco”

The Ricochet Splendid belongs to 2veinte, all rights reserved 2017, 2018.

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