TIFF: Telling Our Stories


From the creator:

With the Toronto International Film Festival we present director Taika Waititi discussing the need for unique cultures to tell their own stories. A New Zealand filmmaker and actor whose credits include directing Thor: Ragnarok and What we do in the Shadows. Taika Waititi’s talk is from an excerpt from a Q&A recorded with the release of "Boy" at TIFF. With sound/music by Jeff Moberg.

Production Studio: Polyester Studio
Producer: Jeremy Dimmock
Art Direction: Jasper Hilgers
Art / Illustration: Nan Lee & Patrick Dias
Cel Animation: Karen Lam, Isabelle Caron, Lily Chiao, Seung-Ju Lee, Inés Fragueiro
3D Animation: Luis Campos
Final compositing and additional animation: Jasper Hilgers
Music and sound design: Jeff Moberg

Client: TIFF / Toronto International Film Festival
Narration: Taika Waititi

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