WEF “Top Ten Emerging Technologies”

Felipe Vargas

From the creator:

A diverse range of breakthrough technologies, including batteries capable of providing power to whole villages, “socially aware” artificial intelligence and new generation solar panels, could soon be playing a role in tackling the world’s most pressing challenges.
The World Economic Forum requested a short Animation conveying this important message. A short deadline demanded simple, but attractive animations and graphics that could tell the story without a voiceover.
Directed by Pablo Gonzalez and Felipe Vargas at SMOG
Creative Direction by Pablo Gonzalez at SMOG
Design and Illustrations by Felipe Vargas.
Animation direction by Felipe Vargas.
Animations by: Felipe Vargas, Patricio Molina, Berni Bruner, Spiro Bunster and Francisco Castro.

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Chris Dye

“tell the story without a voiceover” seems to be the going trend nowadays, and this otherwise terrific piece demonstrates why that is often a poor strategy. The result is that in order to get the message across, we have to rely on lengthy on-screen text that would be more easily absorbed if it were just voiceover. I probably spent about 90% of the time reading the text, and could barely tell you what else was happening on screen the first time through. That’s a shame because there are some clever things going on back there that should be the focus of our attention—not just peripheral stimulation. When copywriting and pacing decisions begin to take precedence over visual narrative content, I think it’s time to re-evaluate if video/animation is really the best medium for the message.


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