Fresh Paint Studios for Epix

Directors Kevin Robinson and Greg Herman crank out 90 (yes, nine-zero) spots for the launch of  EPIX Drive-In, a new B-Movie network.

Fugu & Tako

Director Ben West and Robot have just released the trailer for the upcoming short Fugu & Tako

Delicate Machines

Delicate Machines has put together a fantastic reel of studio work as well as collaborations with Prime Focus, The Orphanage, Frantic Films, and others.

A Conversation with Mate Steinforth

Recently we’ve seen more and more of Sehsucht, and with good reason: they’ve steadily been building steam through the years, and it’s culminating in some… Read more

Buck and Sehsucht for MTV

We wanted to take a moment to highlight two great pieces that Motionographer favorites Buck and Sehsucht have released for MTV. The quality of the… Read more

Korb for Coca-Cola

The ever-impressive Korb brings dancing Coke bottles to life.

Onesize for SyFy

Onesize debuts a show package for SyFy’s new reality show “DreamMachines”. UPDATE: Very cool audio breakdown from Echolab.  

Capacity Updates

Capacity updates with powerful work for NFL, Nat Geo and more!

Hankook Tires from Alfred Imageworks

This nicely realized spot/promo film from Seoul based Alfred Imageworks succeeds well in balancing the tactile stop-motion style cardboard animation within an evolving natural landscape. I especially like… Read more

Superestudio Updates

Superestudio celebrates 10 years of life with a neat update!

Omer Ben David: For The Remainder

After eight months of hard work, Omer Ben David’s stunning graduation project is finally ready: For The Remainder. Soundtrack by Onili.


Plunk, a multidisciplinary design studio founded by Carlos Bongiovanni and Marco Girado, has been turning out an incredible series of short films. Forces, Altars and Cage… Read more