OK Go “I Won’t Let You Down”

Masters of the one-take viral music video, OK Go teamed up with creative director Morihiro Harano to create yet another eye-popping, people-powered (well, mostly) music… Read more

BLR – iDiots

Big Lazy Robot finished another short with fantastic execution and a techo-age parable.

Dr. Easy Vision Tests

Password: cantor Shynola has been releasing some clever movie marketing for their forthcoming feature, “The Red Men.” The latest is a research film from Monad… Read more

Shynola: Dr. Easy

Shynola is back, this time writing and directing a thought-provoking short film, “Dr. Easy.” With vfx by Jellyfish, the short follows a medical robot into… Read more

Colosse, A Wood Tale

This is the teaser for Colosse, A Wood Tale — Hornet’s sweet new short soon to come, directed by Yves Geleyn. As usual, they’re sharing lots of… Read more


Ruairi Robinson’s Blinky. (Sound design by Echolab, score by Ólafur Arnalds)

ROBOT Launches

Founded by Australian director/animator, Ben West, Sydney based visual effects studio, ROBOT, launches.

LD Smith: Tin Omen (Modeling Reel)

Another nice “frozen narrative” 3D modeling reel, this time from VFS student LD Smith (inspired by a painting from concept artist Daryl Mandryk).

Imaginary Forces: Machine Vision

Imaginary Forces got inside the heads of the killer cyborgs in Warner Bros’ Terminator Salvation to develop “machine vision,” making their contribution to the fascinating… Read more