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1st Ave Machine
1st Ave Machine gives us something new to drool over with a new spot for Adidas. I almost forgot adidas made shoes besides the adicolor I’ve been beat over the head with. This spot uses some interesting 3D, but does anyone else feel like it never goes anywhere. There’s a short little shot of the shoe at the end that doesn’t really feel like a climax. What’s great is I felt like I was watching from somewhere between Tron and the last scene is 2010. Good work 1st Ave.

Design/concept/direction by METAphrenie.

Thanks to Eric for the tip.

Asakara is an individual from Moscow, whoa that’s like no where near NY or LA, making “the cool” for “the client” in a completly different language. I’m most interested in the character design, and some pretty sophisticated timing that comes allong with those spots. We may need to keep an eye on this guy.

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CONGRATS Justin!!!!
This is a very honest and difficult task you have accomplished.
cheers to MOTIONOgRAPheR…and Justin


I have to agree with you and say that it did feel anti-climatic, and the editing was a bit strange towards the end.

Michael Jefferson

Justin you rock. If it was not for you and your friends here at motionographer I wouldn’t know what is going on out there and I would just be putting out the same crap as usual and not pushing.


Sakara rocks for sure!


Just want to point out that it’s Mr. Chris Palazzo rocking the good news on this post, not me. :-)

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