Psyop (yes, again): MTVHD

As Bran pointed out in the comments to my previous Psyop post, their spot for MTVHD is friggin’ incredible. Wow.

Psyop: MTVHD

EDIT: I updated the still and found a slightly higher-quality version of the spot (linked above).

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Yeah, wow… that’s a pretty strong piece.


At the Stash screening they showed an HD copy off a laptop. Even with quicktime player struggling to maintain the framerate it was pretty stunning. The whole idea was to make something to justify HD, that would not really work at SD.


stunning… simply a masterwork.


UN_FREAKIN_BELIEVABLE. Just when I was getting tired of looking at their work, they had to create something like that.

I’m going to start carving their trophy tonight.


wow, the particle simulations here are stunning also the seamless transitioins between shots is great… espec. the shot of the crow flock as it transtions into the tree texture. such a fresh piece w/ replay value.


must say it’s got me thinking about retiring right now… stunning work. serious


Pretty damn cool at 320×240, imagine how good it looks hi-res! Though i must say, it is just a bunch of birds flying about…


clean the drool from monitor and get a grip! whats all this fuss about? you are all falling in love with those crows? seriously? i can almost read the particle settings from the 3D app. HD SD MD CD 3D this is good stuff but really only extra-ordinary at best.

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