Brand New School: Sharwood’s “Go East”

When I first watched "Go East," Brand New School’s new spot for Sharwood’s, I thought, "Well, that was a very nice bit of design work."

And then I watched it with the audio on.


I’m pretty sure the song is a joke. But… wow… it’s really horrible. I mean, I guess that’s the point, right? It’s supposed to sound like one of those Bollywood musicals. But the fact that it uses "Kung Fu Fighting" for its melodic inspiration coupled with the decidedly soulful voices of the singers leaves me scratching my head.

Oh well, whatever. BNS did a nice job. I am getting a little tired of kaleidoscopic imagery, though, even if it does make sense within a spot’s aesthetic.

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Onur Aksoy

Well the video stopped downloading a little halfway though…

I agree with you on the music, Justin. It seems to run at a slower pace compared to all the action.

Otherwise, through the use of colours and objects they’ve captured the individual cultures precicely whether it’s Chinese food, Indian or Thai.

I still don’t get WHY “Kung Fu Fighting” is used. I can imagine this ad getting VERY irritating after a few views. I’m gonna stop talking now.

Geoge Costanza: It makes me so MAD!!


The piece should be called, “going south” because that is exactly where they are headed if they keep that up.



The song is a direct parody of “Go West” by The Pet Shop Boys, it works better when you’re familiar with the original I guess.


. . . Which was apparently a cover version of a Village People track. You must understand, I don’t listen to the Pet Shop Boys or the Village People.

Onur Aksoy

sure Jon, then how do you explain the front-row concert tickets in your hand right now? hmph?!


And I know you want to buy those tickets off me.


You know that Jon isn’t me right? Thats Jon Y, I’m Jon G. The fact that I also have Pet Shop Boy tickets is completely coincidental.


I’m going to post something about this piece later that will probably shake things up a bit…


i wonder who made those crazy bamboo sticks, lime boxing gloves and giant tomato.

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