Studio AKA: National Lottery

Studio AKA’s Marc Craste has created another fantastic animated piece, this time for the National Lottery.


Marc Craste won a BAFTA in 2004 for his short animated film, Jo Jo in the Stars. Check out more of his work on the Studio AKA site.

Thanks to Emmanuel Dumont for the tip.

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Justin Cone

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this is a really nice piece from start to finish.
-character design is great.
-saturation is perfect.

i also enjoy the lotto ball animation at the end.

if i had to pick ONE thing i thought could use some work… i don’t know what i would pick :D


Your right i saw this on TV a few weeks ago and have been trying to find out who done just so i could phone them up and congratulate them. Now i know i think i will!


I liked the touch and subtlety of this piece. Marc definitely has a huge influence in film noir, and how he uses it is just great.

Although I have to say that JoJo in the Stars didn’t reach my expectations.


What? JoJo in the Stars was awesome and original… so is this piece.

Justin Cone

I like how this one is a bit of departure from Marc’s previous dark (noir, to use the term above) style. It’s… well… happy.

Geeze, after the rants from spiritform’s post, I’m anxious about using a term like “noir” for fear that the Art History Nazi will strike again. ;-)


Haha…Nah man, I think your safe. You can’t help, but to smile after watching this one.


Interesting and creative, definitely. I honestly loved it. But I wouldn’t say ‘original’. Nothing is truly original in the truest sense of the word, but it was definitely a good piece. I had higher expectations after all the hype and the trailers, that’s all.

Onur Aksoy

haha is it possible that the girl gave a smiley-face to me too?

All the emotion, small-town feel is captured to the very essence of being in high spirits.

It almost has a clay-animation-like models and great cinematography, this spot works very well.

One thing I didn’t like is the lotto-balls rolling in. I thoguht it would have been cool if a giant antique lotto-machine just rolled out the balls into its tray.


The company that runs the UK Lotto are notoriously anal about their balls. So to speak.

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