The Mill: Feel Everything

I see it as almost obligatory to be a fan of Mill’s work. Feel Everything takes us through a 3d kaleidoscopic journey for Sky Channel’s new identity for HD. We’re seeing more and more visually-orientated spots for HD channels though I think this one has to be my favorite.

I’m not sure why this video wasn’t posted in all its HD glory – but we can still notice the amount of detail that is put into each frame. You can almost feel the slippery texture on the creatures.

Be sure to read all the info on the site here (the link should come up in a series of images on the left panel)

Watch Feel Everything (right click, open new window)



Beautiful… wish I could experience it in HD.


Man, I love this piece. It’s just so… beautiful.

Sorry, I’m getting a little misty here. Must have something in my eye.

Good post, Onur.

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