MAkinE: Bimbo Bakeries

I’m posting MAkineE’s recently completed spot for Bimbo Bakeries partially because I think they did a fine job creating a believable artificial environment and partially because I love it when studios post “making of” material, as MAkineE has generously done with this project.


By the way, Nathaniel Howe worked on this spot with MAkinE and started a little thread on Mograph about it. Nice job, Mr. Howe.

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dregs dream

ahh, the bounties of bimbo. Makes me miss mexico, and all her wonderful junk food! they have another brand of ice cream (i think) called “kranky”

great seeing the boards and previs.

Chris Kelley

Nathaniel Howe, now there is a talented guy. Also on the spot as a 3D stallion was wicked talented Maya Generalist/Character Animator Blake Newton.


A lot of production for such of crappy commercial..


wow, Joe… curious as to why u think it is a crappy commercial. i think people in this industry like constructive criticism as opposed to outright bashing. so if you care to share why you have the opinion you do, that would be great. i think it was a very well executed spot. nice job guys!


Well i agree with Joe

sure here are some suggestions:
1. Have a decent idea before you overproduce a bad one.
2. That bimbo flag is not very pretty
3. Bad ideas can’t be compensated with eye candy.
4. Campos in the goal looks that is about to take a dump
5. If you are going to be pretensious (Make a site to inspire other people about your own work), do it whenever you have a great idea, a great spot or something that is outstanding.

6. Bad acting and over produced VFX are part of the spot as well.

Well i like the grass.. nice paint fx.
the building is cool


Mike said it all! Yay the grass (except for the hand brushing through the grass thing).


Didn’t care for it. I thought the coloring was ugly, and the effects were overdone. The whole spot just looks so cluttered. It’s a lot of random stuff blending together. The acting by that guy was a bit wacky too.

And I find it hard to keep a straight face while watching a spot for a company called BIMBO, but that’s a whole ‘nother issue.

Nathaniel Howe

Thanks for checking it out guys. Steve and Mike i am sorry you are not feelin it. I had a blast working on it…. thanks to everybody at Makine!!


Nathaniel Howe

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