Renascent: Offf BNC 06

Renascent’s new title sequence for Offf BNC 06 is dead sexy. This is trademark Joost, which means that unfortunately some of you won’t like it, but as usual, I love it. It’s just so damned smoooove, baby.


Man, get a load of the lineup for Offf. I’d really like to see Bradley Grosh speak. I heard he was great at FITC this year, and he tells me he’s been working on some new stuff. Oh, and I gush like a little girl at the mere mention of Casey Reas and Ben Fry.

Anyone planning on going?

It was kindly brought to my attention that this conference has already occurred. Wow. I feel like a dumbass.

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Justin Cone

Together with Carlos El Asmar, Justin co-founded Motionographer, F5 and The Motion Awards. He currently lives in Austin, Texas with is wife, son and fluffball of a dog. Before taking on Motionographer full-time, Justin worked in various capacities at Psyop, NBC-Universal, Apple, Adobe and SCAD.



It was this weekend. =)

Onur Aksoy

This weekend? It feels as if I saw this video months ago.

Awesome clip though – Many inspirational shots in there

Re*nascent’s has got a unique style in type


That is one of the most boring pieces I have seen for the last couple of months.

It looks like you can get a program that can generate these kind of glassy metal abstract things in a space.

And then you have a bunch of presets for boring flying camera. Come on dude! Progress, move forward.


hey Astronaut just relax guy , let us understand and enjoy the times.. you run along now and go chase that dream…this work is well crafted and the design is elegant … well done on the eye candy


thanx for the comments guys, and thanx for your honesty Astronaut. Progress for me in this piece is the play with perception, composition, type, color and subtle movement.


Regardless of your personal preferences, this spot has some very classy compositions. It feels incredibly balanced, even as it shifts continually. “Elegant” is a great word for it.

And I really dig the music.


real nice piece, clean and stylish. Astronaut what the hell are you smoking? why don’t you post your work for all of us to see?


OFFF was really awesome!!!

dvein’s OFFF trailer also was amazing! Does anyone know, if it’s online?

By the way: If someone is interested in seing my new short film ‘Palindrome’ which was screened at the OFFF Film Festival, visit my site (


Hey, your comments link on the “Feed” post is screwed up.


do you ever drop the ball? everything you do is off the hook! did you ever finish up that studio line piece for loreal?


“Hey, your comments link on the “Feedâ€Â? post is screwed up.”

Thanks for that. It seems that since I titled the post “FEED,” WordPress got confused and referenced the RSS feed. Ha!


This film is great, but the other OFFF title sequence doed by DVEIN is fuking great, I hope they upload soon the video…


yuppa dvein’s piece kicked ass!


but the yours is very good too man,, I luv the colors and composition,, but, I´m waiting for one new piece like the Archetype,, I believe you are the unique designer with a real personal style in the 2000’s , the other (me included) only do the same again and again,,
continue smashing up as usual ren.



2 renascent

This is the point. I don’t say your design is ugly or whatever. I truly belive that it’s either cool or beautiful when we talk about still images.

But when I look at your animation, I see no dynamics. Dynamics is not there, it’s dead. And since we are all here talking about MOTION graphics (motion is the key word), we all have to consider that part seriously. IMHO


well it really depends on your definition of what motion is to you. The motion and dynamic in this piece is definately very slow paced. It is as i described above what i wanted to achieve here, and is in a way bringing stills to life in a very subtle way. i could have choosen to have faster cuts a more dynamic moving camera, layering the prints over multiple 3d layers, etc… but it wasnt what i was after in this piece.

you saying i need to progress and its the most boring of the month is a rather harsh thing to say if you dont know the motivation behind it (even though its honest), its just different from what you like to see and what you expect motion to be.

Motion to me is an extremely broad term, so id say be openminded to any form of it.

Tavo Ponce

DVEIN updates. The OFFF title secuence is online. It’s great.


Motion to me is an extremely broad term, so id say be openminded to any form of it.

Alright, and our universe is the infinite. But you can do anything you want. Even if it’s a black circle slightly scaling to 120% on a white background for five minutes. In this case you are right, it will be another form of motion. And will it be good or bad, it will depend on one personal taste.

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