Mode Project: Mode Poster, U of W Athletics

Mode Poster

“What started out as a poster handout for Mode’s 2005 RESFEST Studio Tour, has transformed into a lush animation. The piece presents a tropical world teeming with plant-life, animals and hand grenades.â€Â?


Watch: Mode Poster

U of W Athletics

Created for University of Wisconsin’s women’s basketball program, this 3-spot campaign hits strong. It takes us right into the fast paced atmosphere and never stops from the first frame to the last.


Watch: U of W Athletics

If you are still interested take some time to look at their website and the 06 Montage.


a nobody

no disrespect, but i think it’s a little silly to use up so much space on a depthless critique on a vertical-scrolling design blog.

some of the extensive, more academic and referential critiques i’ve seen on here are great, but things like “shoulda tweaked out Particular more and moved the camera around” are a waste of my time and this page’s pixels. isn’t that what’s for?

again, l often like the in-depth critiques, but generally i feel like the comments work best when they blurbingly point out what’s great/unique/interesting about the particular piece which made it worthy of posting. plus, it helps convince me to procrastinate my actual work for a another minute or two and watch the quicktime.

another nobody

I would have to agree. Also in no disrespect it seems in taking a position as you have you should present material with comments on why we as viewers should watch the movie. Such as “I found this and I thought you all should watch it”. Not “I found this and I think this and this is wrong with it and this is dumb but whatever, bla bla bla bla I dont know what else to say , blablabla, im trying to sound real smart so everyone thinks of me as Justin, blablabla, so watch it”.

Comments like these make me want to cringe in fear of this place turning into a comment blog on Newstoday for goodness sakes.

It also leads me into this next plee…no more posts from Onur Aksoy.
Its nothing personal, I just appreciate a talented and thoughtful writer.

somebody else

Word. If it’s in such dire need of revising, don’t post it. But that would be a mistake in this case, as these pieces are completely worthy. I really thought this site was more of a “check out this badass work” kinda thing. I guess critiques are fine, but you’ve gotta balance it out with praise for what made it worthy in the first place.


who are you guys to say shit about other’s works. I am sure you can’t even do this kind of stuff. BLAH!

one more h8tr

The imminent merger of and tween begins…


blah, maybe some people dont come here to see if they can personally construct every peice that is posted.

i was let down at this post. i hated the audio and found the peice to be completely disapointing. it is not cutting edge, it is not doing anything new, the content was W-E-A-K. this forum, unless i am mistaken, is about people in the industry that are doing new and exciting things. if it isnt, why dont we start posting ABC’s idents in all their 3d stroke/shine glory?

i would rather read one great post from justin every three days than three mediocre ones every day.


BLAH, I think you are missing the point of what a blog is??? You are allowed express your opinions, whether good or bad.

This might come as a surprise to you but some bad designers are great critics and some great designers are horrible critics, so it’s ridiculous to say “I am sure you can’t even do this kind of stuff”.

As designers you cannot be defensive, if you are, then you are in the wrong industry.

Onur Aksoy

There you go guys. Edited down to bare minimum. Enjoy

& thanks John


I wish those who commented earlier had the courage to come forward as themselves when leaving criticism – Onur is accountable for anything he writes, if you have something interesting to say why not be accountable yourself? We won’t ban you or try to firebomb your house or anything. Well, I won’t at least. And comments hold a lot more weight when there is someone behind them.

Try to remember this is opinion, we aren’t telling you how you should think about this work, just how we feel about it.

mind the Gap

The animations skills are great, the transitions are smooth, good skills, but…
This is the same recipe over and over: floral ornaments; camera pull-back; vertical symmetry; dolphins or unicorns; splashes; watercolors reveal masks… Do you guys all eat at McDonalds and wear the same khaki pants?

a nobody

didn’t mean to start a lynch mob with my original comment… i have no problem with you guys including critiques (like i said, i enjoy most of them), but i was suggesting that they either be extensive and thought provoking rather than quicky and relatively pointless (i mean really, what piece doesn’t evoke a suggested change in a camera move?), or just leave ’em out. to be frank, the original version of the post felt almost like it existed primarily to pick on the two projects… not saying this was onur’s intent at all, it just seemed to feel that way to me. i don’t think it needed to be edited, and i apologize that my remarks led to it.

again, no disrespect to onur or anyone else. this was really the only post i’ve seen that warrants a complaint. and just in case anyone assumed so, i have no involvement with those projects.

some of the lynch mob commenters on here are really out of hand. put the torches and pitchforks down and go home and play some violent video games or something.


Sometimes it is okay to just sit back and watch the pretty pictures. ah.

0.02 Sensei

Criticism brings debates, debates bring questions, questions bring knowledge.
0.02 Sensei


Word up Sensei.

I love to watch the cutting edge work. But sometimes its good to see stuff on the level that I create.. and get some critical words. Nothing can come of it but positivity. If you want TOTAL innovation… drop some cash on STASH mag and sleep well knowing that you are THE MAN. Take a pic of yourself and masturbate all night long. In other words…. go fuck yourself! HAHAHA just kidding… dont hate.

But the last time i checked.. this site is FREE! Im not saying that you shouldnt speak your mind… but if you dont like what you see then critique the work… not the postee/writer.

Keep it up TWEEN!!!! Dont listen to the haters!!!


“Keep it up TWEEN!!!!”

Ha! Old habits die hard. :)


Hey motionographer, keep doing what your doing.

Its your site, do what you want. I like the way it is. Do whatever amount of critique/commenting you want. I dont always agree with you, but I like to see shit from others peoples views.

Keep it cranking yo


For whatever it’s worth at this point, I liked both pieces. Not everything needs to be earth shatteringly avant garde. They’re both good, strong works.

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