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A few days ago while checking out FEED, I caught a post about Butterfly, a beautiful vfx short created by Quad and Wizz in Paris. It reminded me of something I’d seen a couple days before, a music video for Emilie Simon’s Fleur de Saison from another French studio called Nobrain.


If Butterfly and Fleur de Saison battled it out, say, in a jello wrestling match (with optional chocolate syrup), I’d have to say Butterfly would winâ€â€?but not without getting really messy first. Butterfly’s compositing is a bit tighter and it doesn’t employ the ubiquitous 3D stroke elements that Fleur de Saison uses. (In Nobrain’s defense, their use of 3D stroke does make sense in the context of the video.)

Decide for yourself: Watch Butterfly | Watch Fleur de Saison

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Onur Aksoy

I’m a little stuck between the two. The butterflies wings really caught be by suprise. IMHO the end shot however works against the whole nature of the video.


Stephane Levallois had directed another short of the same nature called Carcan, in which a very attractive woman in a leather catsuit peels off the suit to let flesh expands out and ends up revealing a naked fat body… It was his first short film as a director. He is a fantastic guy and as an illustrator has done some really nice comic books.


I guess the basic idea has some things in common, but I get different things from both clips. Butterfly is very…clean…with a nice ending. I love Emilie’s fantasy world and find that although some things look very 3D and could have a little more texturing work, I still think overall it looks stunning. A lot of little details.

Onur Aksoy

“look very 3D and could have a little more texturing work” I thought the lighting/shadows could have been stronger on the roots.

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[…] Mi visita diaria al blog de Kahlo me ha recordado que tenía olvidado en el baúl de los recuerdos, este magnífico corto realizado por los parisinos de Quad and Wizz titulado Butterfly. De él apostillaron en su día los colegas de Motiongrapher su parecido con el videoclip de Emilie Simon, Fleur de Saison del estudio francés Nobrain. Ellos se decantaban por Butterfly, ahora os toca opinar a vosotros, ¿cuál de ellos preferís? […]

Don Lapre Is Cool

I enjoyed Fleur De Saison better, more creativ ein my eyes.

Don Lapre Is Cool

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