Logan and Madonna Get Together

This may be old news to some of you, but I just had to post Logan’s new Madonna video, “Get Together.”


It’s a beautiful bit of psychedelia that shares some stylistic sensibilities with MK12’s Hot Hot Heat video from 2003. Logan’s obviously put their own spin on things, though, with lushly layered graphics and some interesting camera work.

Oh and about the music, is it just me or does it sound like Madonna has been, uh, “inspired” by Goldfrapp?

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Well Madonna has said her self how impressed she is with Goldfrapp. Goldfrapp is pretty awesome live by the way.


Ah, I wasn’t aware of that. Well, good. At least she’s being up front about it. :-)

I’d love to see Goldfrapp live.


DUDE! that is the ugliest music video I have ever seen. like a fly through Madonna’s pubic hair. Looks cheap, bad design, bad animation..straight up bad. Logan can do better than this..motion-graphics is the visual ghetto these days..nasty yuk yuk yuk


madonna is annoying

she used to be ok during the 80ies/ 90ies…

now she’s like a shemale who thinks still being original/ innovative but isn’t


I like the elements and the motion – but I think the color palette makes everything look dirty and muddy. In the part in which Madonna is on the floor looking up, it works ok because it looks like a 70s album cover (i think that’s what they were shooting for) but for the rest the colors (and the lack of other colors) make the video boring.

Adding to the fact that this song sounds like a 1995 trance club song…


well personaly not too keen on this, I loved and still admire highly the work Logan did with the moneymark and Ken ishi videos, good strong concepts and very well exechuded.
This on the other hand reminds me more of a coke commercial, though the visual lingo is sutable for the song, but nothing to be impressed about.

dregs dream

LMAO mark-

this and the schwab commercials just go to show how often a creepy/ugly result is reached when trying to vectorize live footage.

the grass on this looked kind of cool, minus the color scheme, but all the threshhold looking live elements just look treated and flat.

whats brutal about this is the technique looks much better in stills and im sure boards, but it just moves funny. I agree about notable cam. moves and some definite skill that went into this. i would expect a little more from mk12, thats for sure.

let’s just hope this look isnt what clients start asking for.

madonna fan

i cant say im a huge madonna fan. coz i wasnt around in the 80s/90s. i know for a fact that shes someone that people would remember for a long long time. she might not be as cool as before. but honeys,she is still pretty cool.

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