FAD/Will Hyde: Best Cigarette

Will Hyde of FAD did a fantastic job contributing to Sundance Channel’s charming series of shorts set to poetry from former poet laureate, Billy Collins. Will’s piece, “Best Cigarette,” won a well-deserved Silver Lion at Cannes this year in the film category.


Head Gear Animation has also created some excellent work for this same series. You can find all three of their shorts on Head Gear’s site under Broadcast > Sundance Channel.

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david lewandowski

Somehow 5x more enjoyable than that gnarls barkley video!
Great work Will! Makes you want to smoke doesn’t it..

Philip M.

Great Job!!! kids will love it too.

dregs dream

people seem to want to knock gnarls. i think gnarls had great motion, seamlessness, concept. i like how fad uses the sand blowing away look on their work, and this was no doubt cool, but i felt the gnarls gave me more of a … “damn!” feeling.


All of those Billy Collins pieces are amazing. Thanks for highlighting the people who made them…

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