Nice, elegant new reel from Gretel – Greg Hahn’s studio in new York City. Letting the imagery and typography speak for itself with powerful simplicity, Gretel’s work has a great clean sense of style even when producing collage-based work such as their new stuff for VH1. Check out their excellent work for MTV2, Yahoo, VH1, and LOGO.



The link is not working (at least not for me).

Try this:


Thanks, that html is tricky!
Link is fixed now. – B.


i really like his work. clean and simple.. not that the 3d stuff is simple to do.. :)


Weird. The site was working, but now it looks like it’s gone down.


Big props on how the reel is cut too. I’m not talking about the work either, but by matching footage to the music and so on – nice.


love the work. clean and pleasing. stands out amongst all the others who are still doing shine and 3d stokes ;)

Karl Begensforth

My god. Never have I seen a reel with my own eyes that embodied such an amazing range of work. Angel moroni himself was sent from heaven to grace the earth with your presence for we must forever be greatful.

Karl Begensforth

Justin Meredith

Some people should be more serious on this blog. I am not naming any names (karl begensforth) however I know the folks at gretel, and they rule.

Plus the damn reel is sick. All of the work on thier site is certified gold. Check out the iconoclasts piece. Honestly it is extremely hard to compete at the level Gretel is working in, and being able to sell simplicity in an age of paint drip, rainbow shit. They are absolutely a future force that will have an impact on mograph biz. I am excited for things to come.

Karl Begensforth

I was serious, angel moroni told me.


really good stuff, i agree with everything said, the real is well cut with a beginning, middle and end. Simple, effective and visually pleasing!


clean and beautiful work.


The reel is very nice, shows good choice making. The work itself–
we need to realize that the reason simple elegant work looks so good is because there is so much misguided use of animation technique in the Post world. That does not mean that the work is anything but simple and graceful, which in an ordinary world would not be so unusual.
This work represents what should be the low tier norm for a talented young designer, or a print shop.
Unfortunately, for the ad community. it stands out.
Praise to Gretel, really, and all the other Trollback clones raking it in for making elegant fades and scale moves. Good taste is in short supply.
But let’s keep this all in perspective, folks. Come on, now.

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