Cube / Louis Clichy: What’s Love For?

Ça sert à quoi l’amour? (What’s Love For?) is by no means a new project (it’s at least a year old, I think), but it’s a fantastic example of how simplicityâ€â€?especially with regard to character animationâ€â€?can really bring a narrative to life.


If I’m honest, of course, I have to admit that the film isn’t all that simple. The transitions are each cleverly premeditated, as are the characters’ nuanced expressions and the clever integration of 3D space.

The film was directed by Louis Clichy of Cube (also a former student of the legendary Gobelins). The song was performed by Edith Piaf and Theo Serapo.

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Very nice piece and clever use of 3D.


this is EXTREMELY-refreshing animation and is very well executed.


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