Digital Kitchen: Dexter Titles

I’m not really sure how I feel about Showtime’s new series, Dexter, but one thing’s for certain: Digital Kitchen did a bad ass great job on the title sequence.


With over the top sound design and devilishly ambiguous imagery, the titles set the perfect tone for the show, which is about the double-life of a forensic scientist/psycho killer. (Yeah, the premise is cool, but the writing and acting is a little stiff.)

EDIT: Here’s an alternate version with a different type treatment.

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A few decent live action shots in there (wipdeedoo), but overall a bunch of lame type over picture.

Paul Ducco

I say ENOUGH with the term “bad ass”!!



the live action is interesting enough but the type doesnt even read. underwelming id say.


“I say ENOUGH with the term “bad assâ€Â?!”

God, good point. I use it in like every post. Thanks for the bad ass advice, Paul. ;-)


And regarding the spot: yeah, the type is weak (except for the title type), but the concept for the live action is well done. I mean, the guy is a serial killer. Get it?


Ah, whatever. Next…


I get it, and I agree, bad ass…




Grrr, attention to detail would have been nice…he shaves? It doesn’t look like it when he walks out the door? I think he cuts him self too…mmm. He cooks some meat and eats it? And cooks his eggs separately? he makes some coffee, and then has a…grapefruit squeeze? Maybe it’s the Psycho coming out…very nice…I think?


Wow, I remember seeing this for the first time after watching my Six Feet Under DVD’s cos i don’t have cable, and I had to download the show off of the internet… that, it was definately the clean style of Digital Kitchen. It’s not all the time that something has to SCREAM motion graphics, this subtle piece i think works great for the show. The show is demented, and so are some of the shots in the sequence…

It has the cleanliness of the Six Feet Under title opener (which was also done by DK)

Digital Kitchen is great with type… don’t hate… don’t hate. haters.


this is so powerful and great. it’s so related to the series concept and perfectly prepares the viewer for what’s gonna come. ten thumbs up for this and DK!


mmm, ok havent seen the show, but it sounds like you all agree that it works. It looks like the opening scenes of “As good as it gets” with ‘ol Nickelson, were there is just close-ups of him getting ready in the morning.
I saw flavour of love this weekend, and there were these uncomfortable close-ups of flave’s throat and what-not.


i guess its official, uncomfortable close-ups of zits, necks, nostrils, fingers and toes is this season’s FAD thing.
So everyone jump on board and lets ide this train!!!



oh, and slow motion footage….


Creepy. Funny. Good. It looks and sounds good, and gets the idea across with humour. Who needs fancy type effects all the time?

(Yeah, I know … it’s a motion graphics blog.)


Sigh . . . it was going so well, right up until the last *hero* shot.

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