Audi “Emotions”

Here’s a cleverly concepted, deftly executed car commercial that doesn’t show one single image of the car. It’s a nice respite from all the zooming, thumping spots you’d expect for a car that’s being marketed as a performance vehicle.


Thanks to Self_90 for the tip.

Director: David Ruiz
Production Company: Ruiz+Company

Editing: Metropolitana

Agency: DDB Barcelona (formerly Tandem Campmany Guasch DDB) – Barcelona

Update: The audio was created by Dani & Chupi from BSO Barcelona (mp3 here). Thanks to Razorbuzz for that morsel.

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now THAT is a car commercial. I’m so sick of all the, as you say, ‘thumping spots’, or commercials with things ‘growing’ from the cars path, or the car transforming into animals… Blah.

This is smart and sexy. Nice job David and DDB.


Design at it’s finest – Love the biological and technical relationship. One of the cleanest spots I have seen in a while.


clean and well designed. Love the soundtrack too.


More care commercials shouldn’t have cars in them.


Brings a tear to my eye. No wait, makes my hair stand on end.


awww, cool. It almost made me cry. I dont know, but it seems like they chose audio that was, kinda sad. I think that was really brilliant, becuase the car is crying sort of. I am tired os the thumping spots as Tread and justin says… i mean, after watching the thumping commercial of the new BMW racing, although it made me want to go and buy one, THIS commercial on the other hand made me think of my mom who i havent seen if some years now. Infact, i think i will go write a long letter now…..


Emotional, but not cheesy…Classy, but not outdated or boring…I watched it four times consecutively…very very well done, a breath of fresh air in a world of spinning hummers and fords…

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