Ljudbilden & Piloten for Minilogue

James Patterson meets Bob Ross in this mesmerizing music video from Ljudbilden & Piloten. (Please don’t ask me how to pronounce that.)

The track is from Minilogue.

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Wow!! Good ~~


KILLER acid track.. they are here to- jack the house.

Mr Face

Totally beautiful, creative, and fun.


reminds me of video for Liquid Liquid’s “Cavern.” unfortunately, it was taken off youtube.

Jonathan Richter

oh! It’s a whiteboard! I realized that right at the end – how cool is that! Okay so I’m slow.

It’s brilliant though!


i like the track. in fact i love it. minimal production is always good. fits well with the whimsical visuals. which i think should have been good with the colours all inverted instead.


Damn! Beautiful! To think all that work just wiped away.
I hope to see this on-air.


i STILL look at this video every now and then, just to remind myself to get creative!!

Music: very cool
animation: very quirky

reaction: very impressed

Rolf - James Patterson Fan

This is simply fascinating! :-) I’ve just watched it twice and have bookmarked it too. I love the way the transitions follow one after the other, it’s a bit hectic, but I think it’s also very stiumulating and certainly keeps you focused! These guys are wuite soemthing! (How did you get the idea for your comment ‘James Patterson meets Bob Ross …’?)

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