Le Soupe: Europe 2 TV


Some of the work in Le Soupe’s montage of IDs for Europe 2 TV really gets under my skin.

Sorry. Bad joke.

But hey, the work is good. Yes, the whole thumping 3D speaker thing is a bit played out, but Le Soupe has given the disembodied graphical element a plethora of inventive new homes that catch the eye and stick with you.

Production : View
Co-Directors : Stéphane Juffé aka Corpus (www.lesoupe.com)
& Sébastien Cannone aka Degree.

Thanks for the tip, Chris.

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i realy like it
how they do this staff with reall person and 3d speakerd??
it was made in AF??


motion tracking.

it’s nice, but as you say, played out.


oh my gosh, i love it too!!!
Do you think the speakers were made in Adobe Illustrator CS2… maybe as a smart object; then imported into AE? Or maybe animated in Flash?

I like the sperm one, its like, they are running away then coming back… then running away again, at the same time that the beat goes “ba-boom”! totaly “RAD”!!!

Thye must have spent SOOO much time tracking the logo on all those speakers!!! That is like so gnarly



hahaha, and i LOVE the “this gets under my skin joke, so totally clever and funny at the same time Awesome!!!


Hi, can you please put the real credits :

Production : View

Director : Stéphane Juffé//Corpus (ME!!!) (www.corpus01.com) member of http://www.Lesoupe.com

Co-Director : Sébastien Canone (View)

Thanx !!!


Updated. One of these days, I’m going to learn French. And Spanish. And German.

Oh, and Chinese.


seems to be a dead link… keep getting file not found error 404.


Looks like they changed the location of the video. I just updated the link. Thanks, Alessandro.


hi please update the credits :

Co-Directors : Stéphane Juffé aka Corpus (www.lesoupe.com)
& Sébastien Cannone aka Degree.



hey justin, why not to learn polish too?


Okay, I updated the credits again. Did I get it right? If not, please email me at justin@dev.motionographer.com, and I’ll make the necessary adjustments.

And I’m adding Polish to my list.


sort of a mixed bag, some are brilliant! like the tattoo and the bellybutton and the dog, then some are a little off . as has been said, done ALOT! before , but still a nice aesthetic and works really well in this case :-)
and to the guy who said “do you think the speakers were made in illustrator..etc..” please god tell me you are joking! haha

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