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Apple has posted a couple new spots in the iTunes campaign. In light of the Exopolis Nano spot and the Brand New School Shuffle spot (both co-directed with Mark Romanek), these new iTunes ads feel like a step backward to me.

Where Exopolis and BNS gained new ground, these new spots retreat back into safe territory. Something tells me this was more of an agency decision than a studio move. I don’t know. It seems like Apple is trying to partition the branding of its various iPod-related products, but I can’t really understand why. If anyone has any details as far as credits/production go, please share them in the comments. A little birdie told me Logan did these. (Thank you, little birdie.)

Of the two new spots, I do dig the first one, even if it feels like a rehash of the Stardust Futureheads music video from a while back. It’s jittery edges and “analog” color washes are nice match for the soundtrack.

Thanks to Seth for the tip!

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Simon Robson

I actually quite like the retro feel to the graphics in these spots. I find the grittiness quite refreshing compared to the ‘light trail’ ad, which was way too tech for me.

Where they fall down, as do all the iPod ads in my opinion, is the underlying concept; i.e people dancing around with headphones on. What was humourous / funky (in a mainstream way) a couple of years ago now just seems tired, re-hashed and contrived. I think the agency must be hanging on to this concept for dear life, as they feel dancing around with white headphones on, now IS iPod. And they’re right, it is, but it’s bloody tedious. The whole thing is in desperate need of a re-think, as the current ads have become so much part of the wall-paper they barely get my attention at all.

I guess this re-think will have to come, seeing as Apple have just revealed the long-awaited iPhone. I doubt the ads for said product, will be someone dancing aroud…with a phone. If they are, someone shoot me. But for now, I guees anyone listening to and iPod and feeling like dancing will not, for fear of looking like a pastiche of one of these terribly sappy and un-conving ads. Well thats my 2 cents…

Visual Aphex

The first Ad would have to be my favorite. I kinda dig the whole light trail ads rather than these new ones. The new ones are kinda blah to me but to each his own.


I totally agree with Simon and would state more strongly that this idea is old. Move on please, this doesn’t convey apples culture, product coolness or anything else in my opinion. It’s just and easy way to try and justify a once very cool branding approach.

The problem with being cool is that you have to constantly change. Or, at the very least be aware of when something is tired, and then move on to something fresh. I hate these stupid, ugly, boring ads. Yuck.


interesting thoughts….
and i agree. I am going to say that the ad ideas are ok and safe as Seth mentioned, i just think the colors clash a little.
I am a big into color, and i have no idea what the plan with these clashing colors is, but it aint for me…. to each his own


I would say, “another apple look” with some twist….
But as a designer’s POV, I don’t know where to start.
Being inspire by other’s great work good but shouldn’t look to close to it.


For a second i thought it was stardust, who usually do these retro graphics, triangles/ thunderbolts galore.

queens bridge

don’t blame the company that produced this, blame apple and the agencies that conceived it, they are the ones that don’t want to push the spots. a lot of time especially with apple the designers/animators are just the messenger boys.


Ok, so apple comes out with this new revolutionary iphone, then they change there name from Apple Computer Inc. to Apple, Inc. to signify the change in the direction there company is going. All these great new ideas, but the same old tv ad, bad call in my book, but as Colors stated to each his own.

Simon Robson

Totally agree with you queens bridge. I’m sure the designers did the best job they could given the brief they had. These days agencies often want to play it safe and not ‘rock the boat’ with the client so as to hang onto the account. Also, I know that everything that happens with Apple has to be approved by Steve Jobs. I imagine it was a chore selling him the original concept, so the agency may be loathed to justify a whole new concept to him. Easier to just tweak the original one…


anyone watch the keynote? Steve Jobs even mentioned how the designers were having so much fun with the first one that they went even further and created the second one. Ha.

Does anyone know who did these?

Deocliciano Oksipin

I think you are taking this at heart.
This looks like a fun thing for them as Tread says.

I just do not know why they copy the 1992 Commodore Amiga Demo video.

Its not safe because there is nothing to announce.


Those two spots are by Logan.

Happy Accident

To Visual Aphex: Light trail version by Exopolis was not the first ipod campaign. This version is suppose to be a spin off of the original series Logan did with color backgrounds and black silouette dancers.

Queen Bridge is right on the money. Designers at Logan proposed over 100+ ideas for the agency.

There are no reference or connections to the Commodore Amiga demo during the design process.

the doctor

eh, the stardust futureheads graphics were done by lifelongfriendshipsociety. just thought i’d throw it out there…don’t think they get enough credit for that vid.


I think Logan was sold off to another company anyway, rumor I heard. Possibly Kmart?


Yes, these are getting old, but I still enjoyed the first one. I’m sure if it it was up to Logan, there would be a whole new look to these spots.


GREAT always apple style
someone knows the music of the exopolis and ipod+itunes videos?



Frankly I don’t think it matters until june. Apple and CHIAT have had a great year. If they can come up with a great new campaign for the phone then this whole conversation is null. The iPhone is the new iPod. iPods will become less important and more of a culture icon that doesn’t need on air ads. The iPhone is going to go through the roof.

Also I think it is sweet that finally the people at studios like Logan, BNS, Stardust, and Exopolis get to work on national campaigns for compainies like apple that they probably are into. Because we all have worked on crap spots that we don’t even know what is being sold. At least the visual communication connection is not so far off.


yeah, looks shoddy. bad key horrible edges, but not even in a lo-fi way. just looks a bit naf. and the whole style just badly mirrors the london art-rock scene.
the nano spot made me go ooooooh, these made me go errrrrrrrrr…



I’m confused. This looks exactly like the Futureheads video, as someone pointed out above already. Didn’t Lifelong Friendship Society do that video?


Commercials are the new commercials….

Glad everyone is still so excited about em.

Ra Ra, money, Ra Ra, consumer, Ra Ra boredom, Ra Ra Ra


stuff will always be copied.
its like doing a cover song.


ha they get u up and then dance those skinny beardys.
its just important i think to look at waves
and spend time with family.


j-“wanna get some pizza?”
t-“spellbouNd white energy”
b-“book end”


i think the colors are refreshing, would u really rather see the world in duotone?


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