Forget the Film, Watch The Titles!


Here’s a project definitely worth checking out. From Remco, the editor of SubmarineChannel:

The project is called ‘Forget The Film, Watch The Titles!’. It’s a collection of title sequences starting off with about 15 titles, but there’s a lot more in store. Most title designers whose work is featured have commented on their work, which makes this project a very nice resource about title sequence design, I think.

They’re off to great start. I look forward to seeing the collection grow.

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I remember a travelling ‘exhibition’ I saw once at Austrlalian Centre for Moving Image in Melbourne, Australia..showcasing title designs..the newest one in that screening, to my disappointment, was 2 years old. This seems like a MUCH MUCH MUCH better alternative.

KUDOS to the team who put this together.

victor b.

kyle cooper . my personal hero :)


Thanks Motionographer, for posting about our project.

This is sort of a research project. it’s not a list like Laboratory101’s. We’ve got interviews, proper credits and good quality video! And everything’s legal. That’s why some big names are missing (for now).

Anyway. I think it’s a good thing to have a lot of attention for title sequence designs!


Great idea, although the layout and the background movement make for a pretty distracted viewing experience. Makes it hard to watch the titles!


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