Marcelo Garcia: IX Virtuosi


Ex-Lobo member Marcelo Garcia recently finished up a design campaign for the IX Virtuosi music festival in Brazil. The project included posters, ads, logotype and a spot, all of which Marcelo completed in about a month. Here’s a little more info on his process:

due to the festival’s experimental repertoire, i chose to take an open route in terms of process so i could let things happen naturally. i began by putting together sheet music that was created in an unconventional and abstract manner from contemporary composers to eighteen-century dance music notations.

i edited several sequences using these stills and those sequences, along with images of recife, brazil (where the festival took place) inspired me to design layouts and contexts where i could let creatures and landscapes sing and play freely.

The spot Marcelo created reminds me of JJ+Maithy’s Honda “Rebirth” spot and Logan’s onedotzero festival identity, both of which used similarly abstracted lifeforms. The fact that Marcelo translated this aesthetic into a logotype and other printed materials is, I think, impressive.