Is it real? Or is it HunterGatherer? (How ’bout both.)

These new spots for AMP by Todd St. John of HunterGatherer are really frikkin’ cool. Pure handmade HunterGatherer style. Real paper and wood elements were photographed and animated in After Effects for a very convincing look that emulates the look of actual stop-motion, but with none of the messiness or chaotic abruptness. Nice and smooth. Sort of slick, but sort of rough at the same time. The limited color palette, the character design, the subtle touches of depth-of-field and all the little snowflake particle animations all add up to a really well-done series of spots. They’re along the same lines as his One Time Only films for Nike that came out back in September. Wow that long ago? AMP should be pleased. My eyeballs are happy. Nice work.

Edit: And the music in these spots is by Expansion Team.


Deocliciano Oksipin

He is really a talented designer.
He should explore his sculptures more in video.


Insane! who would’ve thought of doing an EXTREME SPORTS based Ad with handmade paper cutout style?

WIKKKKID. Wonder where the idea came from…agency? or HunterGatherer?


Todd is amazing.

Onur Aksoy

The movements are awesome. His lighting techniques give it a very natural feel to it.


I’m confused about that first one. Isn’t there a continuity issue? He’s like halfway down the outside of the monster’s stomach and the next thing we see is him boarding into the monster’s mouth. Am I missing something?

Maybe he’s going into a cave on the monster’s side? (in which case it isn’t nearly clear enough that’s what’s happening). Tell me he isn’t going up the backdoor.

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