I’ve been getting a few emails from you guys about Pocoyo, a new animated series for preschoolers featuring the prodigious voiceover talent of Stephen Fry (who totally rules as the official reader of the Harry Potter audiobooks). It’s infectiously cute stuff, and I really enjoy the ultra-happy, 8-bitesque soundtrack.

You can find several clips and full episodes in the usual way, and the official blog is definitely worth checking out. Above is an episode ominously named “Don’t Touch.” (Go ahead. You can touch it. It’ll be our little secret.)

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I just bought my little son the dvd, I don’t know who loves it more, me or him. The blog is great (as is yours).

Sebastian Bap

I hear about Pocoyo long time ago (3 month aprox). It’s excelent. I’m gonna watch with my little niece.

This web is asome, thanks for teach me.


Awww I love it! What a cute style!


The origin of the name Pocoyo comes from a spanish prayer that says “Jesusito de mi vida, que eres niño COMO YO” [Dear Jesus, you are a kid just like me], but David Cantolla’s daughter, the creator of Pocoyo, said “jesusito de mi vida, que eres niño POCOYO”.

You will find more information in the spanish wikipedia: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pocoy%C3%B3

Regards, ;-)


if you have kids this is not new


I don’t have kids and haven’t heard of Pocoyo, but this animation is top notch! I must get the DVD’s!

Anyone know what package they use? I read thru the blog a bit and saw mention of Arnold renderer, so i’m assuming perhaps it’s Max?


genial :)
por fin una serie diaria en 3D que no es un timo


genia: )
por fin una serie diaria en 3D que no es untimo


This animation rocks. I saw oce o Discovery Kids. where can i find the dvd??


Aren’t these characters/animations on znkdojo’s old demo reel?


the key poses are really great. sharp animation. i like it. :)

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