Neil Blomkamp: Tempbot

South African director Neil Blomkamp (Spy Entertainment) has made his latest film, “Tempbot,” available online. It’s an entertaining short about life as a robotic temp worker, featuring the excellent character design and vfx work upon which Neil has built his reputation. The pacing is a little rushed at the end, but I’m glad to see Neil moving more and more into this narrative space.

Downloadable version | Daily Motion

Thanks for the tip, Damien!

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I liked the Tetra Vaal robot piece that he directed as well.
That one is one or two years old and still looked super realistic.
This robot model looks somewhat similar as well.


Meh, Boring. The content & story left me cold and while the robo is nicely composited into the liveaction i think the design of the robo itself is too close to macross and such.
And another question arises: what else beside robots can he do?

Maybe the only other one who thinks robots are cool is michael bay.


Flat story, indeed . . .

Adam B

Ya the story was very slow. I loved the robot and the use of emotions but the story was horribly boring.


I understand the crappy video motif but it’s hard to watch that kinda quality along with amateur actors. Think he needs to go further. But I think this is a nice step along the way. Definitely found the story interesting.


This explains why hollywood backed out of giving him a $200million movie.


I love the haters. But this is old news.


knock knock knock. hey tempbot. are you in there?

queens bridge

not unlike freelancing at some shops in la.

Pat D.C.

I have to admit i skipped through most of it but the comping and 3d are pretty tight. And why hate on someone for focuising on one thing, most desginers/artists go through phases of focusing on one particular subject matter. And since when have robots not been cool ChicO? ;) And I gurentee Neil directing the Halo movie would have been better than 80% of the hack directors working in hollywood at the moment.


Please guys don’t talk negative about michael bay. I met him at a party once, he’s a cool guy. His flicks are da shit or how you young people say.


Um. Sorry, didn’t realize we weren’t allowed to speak freely. Michael Bay makes good movies? Lucrative perhaps. Good? That’s pretty funny.


way old news… like a year or 2 ago… keep up with the times please


heyheyhey! i must say that it was abit strange at first but it really grew on me quickly.
the camera matching in those “badly lit,” dv looking scenes is awesome. i love his approach to directing and i respect him so much more when i see his name in the creds and see that that he’s still doing alot of the cg.

cant wait for the next one!

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