Silent City Now Online

Back in November, we posted the trailer and a shot breakdown of Ruairi Robinson’s short film, “Silent City.” Well, the whole film is online now and available for your viewing pleasure.


Honestly, I haven’t watched it yet—I’m still downloading it. But I wanted to get the word out as quickly as possible. Props to Ruairi not only for finishing the film but for deciding to share it with the world. I also enjoy the self-effacing humor on his site. It’s a nice change from the usual puffed up egoism of so many directors.

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Yes nick, i was wondering if the oscar niveau was really that low or why it got nominated. I told thim it was completely objective, not meant to offend him.


Keep on a truckin Rawree

And dont mind those Chuds.

Wheres my pint? Im waiting….



LOL. Yeah, you are crap man Ruairí. Although I’ve done nothing myself to warrant a constructive criticism I believe I am right, blast, blast, blast. Honestly some people. @Marc – fuck you, you are jealous ‘cos you got your head kicked in by the Snipser. Some of the people here are so far up their own fucking arses it’s unbelievable. Oh, the narrative is…………..FUCK OFF. Yeah, but the plotting……..GET A FUCKING GRIP. @Mylenium – FUCK OFF TREKKIE. Where’s my fucking pint!!

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