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Universal Everything and Proud Creative collaborated on this intriguing series of IDs for Welsh channel S4C directed by Simon Ratigan. Each spot centers around concepts of swarming and attraction, creating surrealistic vignettes that seem almost possible. Each ID is backed by the ace sound design of Freefarm.

Thanks to my friend Chris Martz for the tip.

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wow! thats really beautiful imagery! :) 10+

Paul Ducco

lovely and dreamy indeed.

well executed too, as always brilliant concept.

Simon Robson

superb looking stuff. The slow panning shots certainly seem influenced by the Channel 4 idents created at MPC. I’d love to know which parts (If any) were created in CG. Great work


This was fantastic. I’m also interested in hearing if there was any cg at all, or if everything was in camera. Very well done…


I really love this one on the beach. Powerful!!!

Dan (Proud Creative) Witchell

We were trying to create something subtle that would stand repeat viewing. Nice to hear all your positive comments. We did use some cg (balloons in the assembly building) but mainly we were painting out wires. We will be uploading a behind the scenes movie to our site – as soon as its finished. Universal Everything were involved at the early concept stages. Simon Ratigan is the man who really should be credited for making these idents so special. For us at Proud the idents are a special part of what was a massive rebranding project for S4C.

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