Shilo Posts a New Cingular Spot


Following up on the success of the Cingular BlackJack spot, Shilo has created a slick new Cingular ad, this time featuring two phones. Because they had to feature extensive sports clips, it’s a little less flashy than the BlackJack spot, but I still think it’s just as sexy.

It looks to me like the hand animation is smoother, a little more believable. What do you guys think?

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Ahh smells so good. every time.


I saw this on TV the other day, and was surprised that this theme was repurposed for a spot with another phone that wasn’t a Blackjack. Unless there’s some card game called “Sync” that I’m not aware of, I don’t think that phone fits with the whole card shark theme.

Shilo of course made it look hella good anyway.


I remember how dynamic the hand movement was in the first one. But with this new one, the hands have a pretty boring personality. I feels just a bit disconnected.


i like the first one better but well executed. i guess compared to the first one.. the element of surprise was there and here you can almost predict whats about to happen. but hey.. nice work as usual SHILO! :)

adam b

Id love to work for Shilo. Its actually my dream. Great piece.

– Alan… nice portfolio, i dig your work.


again dislike to be a wet blanket, but they should look into mocap if they can’t nail realistic movement


Bah 1999. Mocap is for pussies. This one is much more interesting than a perfect mocap piece.

I think this one is really cool. Even better than the first one imho.


’99 – im not sure that “realistic movement” is what they were going for with this spot or the last. Realistic is for the VFX world… “stylistic movement” is more like it.


I thought the hand movements were great. And Alan, go back to your own hood on the boards ya geek! ;)


I really liked the first spot, not really feeling this one. The movement is not as fluid, nothing much happens, the flipping of the videos looks awekward.


I heart raoulduke.

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I think its awful.
I do not like ads that goes beyond what the product actually is.
It feels disonest.




the first spot was nicer overall, but the hand animation on the second one is definitely better. unfortunately, you still can’t feel the weight in the animation… not that that phone weighs a lot, but it needs something to make it feel like its actually in that hand, particularly when it’s being passed from one hand to the other. right now, there are moments when it might as well be light as a feather. in any case, well done overall… i’m sure there were time constraints.

hands on

It looks kinda weird (in a bad way) to me.


Remember when people had hands, that actually moved, that looked real because they were… I don’t understand the need for this gratitous use of technology.


I dont think these spots would work as well with real hands. To pull off all of the “card tricks” and the “flip book” would be near impossible… and would probably just come off as a cheezy special effect. Unless it was done to perfection… but would be so hard w/ so much closeup contact w/ the phone itself.

I do agree w/Alessandro’s comments about how the phone seems weightless at times… which may be the thing that gives it away.

Overall, well done.


this is the kind of imagery that should be acted out live and touched up with CG. the hands look plasticy and move awkwardly. it reminds of of film, where hollywood uses CG for everything (especially when it shouldn’t) instead of incorporating it into live action. (think Jurassic Park vs. new Star Wars.)

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i love it when 30 second cellphone commericals inspire me to pontificate about full length feature films like jurassic park and starwarz

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