Paris is burning


Paris is on fire again (the city, not the socialite whore). Every time I turn around there’s another hot track or remix or…. girl and they’re always from Paris. In France there’s a term, “Branché”. It means “plugged in” or “connected”. It’s the equivalent of “cool” in the U.S. If you’re Branché and you were in Paris a couple of years ago, you may have found yourself sweating it out to SebastiAn in the basement of some hot Parisian club like “Paris Paris“. Thanks to the success of last year’s collaboration between Justice and Simian Mobile Disco (you may remember the EMA’s and Kanye West’s infamous outrage) it seems like everyone is talking about Ed Banger records. It’s only a matter of time before your mother knows the label as well as she’s comfortable using the word bling.

While there’s nothing really new being done in this promo for a forthcoming compilation on Ed Banger records it’s just really well done. I could deal with a little less of the camera shake. It’s so obvious they meant display their prowess with motion tracking but I think they went a little overboard.

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its been done and all, but the girls voice is swipe and the music is ed banger so its poppin’. same shit made for a corporate client ( some ugly american accent with acceptable rock music?) shit.

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