Pistachios: Curare

Stockholm-based Pistachios (of Blacklist) has crafted an eerily compelling short-filmish music video for Bulgarian musician Bogdan Irkük (a.k.a. BULGARI). I really like the way the still sequence is used as a flashback device, and the hallucinogenic tribal imagery near the end is a perfectly constructed bit of pointed psychedelia.


Like a lot of the talent on Blacklist’s roster, Pistachios comes out of left field. Their work is eclectic but consistently innovative. They deserve big props for rocking out on the fringe without alienating their audiences.

Watch “Curare” on Blacklist | on Pistachios

Directed by Pistachios
Illustrations by Tomas Nilsson
Character modelling and rigging by Jonas Thörnqvist
Animation, editing, compositing by Pistachios

Artist: Bogdan Irkük a.k.a. BULGARI
Record Label: Rollerboys Recordings
Track: Curare

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It’s been a LONG time since a piece of mograph has given me chills and made my jaw drop..

this piece does that and then some..

VERY nice work, and the pulsating halftone line style doesn’t get old by the end of the piece like I thought it might..

it leaves you waiting to see the next second of lighting, to figure out what’s going to happen next..

definitely an inspiration :)
thanks for showing it to us, Justin..

Marc B.

“It’s been a LONG time since a piece of mograph has given me chills and made my jaw drop..”

I’m surprised this impressed you that much, but no offense. It’s not bad, but it doesn’t give me the chills and my jaw is still in place. I like the beginning with the streetlights.


i thought it was really good, reminded me alot of the music video for an artist i like kavinsky, retro synths and driving fast cars are always in style.

Paul Ducco

my personal thoughts are it would have look amazing if it were treated live action.


the end scene is so well done. like del said, the dark in between beats works very well to build tension.


I liked this one. I gotta say, it was actually powerful. The technique seemed like a storytelling device instead of a gimmick. Loved the psychadellia (is that a word?) also. Cool!

Joe Clay

Like Paul said, I could only imagine how this would look on live action footage. As it is, I really didn’t like the character modeling. It looks like something that would come out of an Xbox, not a motion graphics team. The BMW looked good though. The blinking of the lights was cool at first but I thought it was a little repetitive—maybe the black bits should have gradually received a little bit of light in between, like real lights do—and the interlude in the middle didn’t seem to fit. Still, I’m glad I saw it as it gave me inspiration for other modes of working :)


Killer work – the story was great, the style was great, I liked the contrast in style in the story, it was just really fun. Yay to everyone involved.


wikkid. totally diferent. its not so facking a.d.d. like most mograph. just fackin good style all about. nothing like bmws and fast driving. mad respect for using the bmw cause the front grill looks wikkid when you just see the lights. reminded me a little of that comic book artist from the 50s with the crosshatching, so it didn’t get boring.


Love it, great work guys. good tune as well.


The reductive style works precisely, it makes me want to see a full rez version more than usual (the compressed version actually holds up ok full screen). It’s just enough visual info to engage but leaves a hunger for more. I like how the end sequence leaves some of the gritty details to the imagination.

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