Current TV: Graphics Reel and a Call for (Talented) Help

The good people at Current TV put up a reel of their graphics work in hopes that they can attract a totally BA designer to come work for them. (More details here.)


I’m posting partially to help with them with that, but mostly I think their reel is great. Current’s design aesthetic is a tasteful blend of Swiss/International graphic design with the trends of the day—an appropriate choice given their audience of educated 15-30 year olds. (I totally pulled that demographic out of my butt.) I’m also a big fan of most of their typographic choices. Clean, simple and understated.

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Current is a good lookin’ network. Like MTV in an Italian suit. I wish them much luck.


They do great work over there! Keep it up! :)


Amazing looking network … very impressive.


I’m all for butt-expelled demographics and even more for Current TV. Celebrity sidenote: the music is by Jason Schwartzman, yes, that Jason Schwartzman.


My butt-produced demographics were pretty close: According to an inside source, the Current TV target age range is 18-35. It seems all those classes in asstistics paid off.


The movie are broke? I cant see the half to end of the movie. thkz.


another track by Coconut Records (aka Jason Schwartzman) using old footage of the Gonz. Pretty good shite.

Joe Clay

By the way, on the page you linked it says they target 18-34.

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