Volumeone: Meridians

Matt Owens of Volumeone,Athletics and the RIveria has updated his personal experimental project Seasons with a new piece called Meridians: incorporating both print and video work on the same theme: “Skulls, a cougar and eagle roam through time and space as a lighthouse keeps us company.” Kudos to Matt, he’s been doing this project off and on since 1997 (as animated gifs) and it keeps getting better and better!



Is anyone tired of this hipster style yet?????? Did’nt we already go through the 80’s?


your mom went through the 80’s


It looks great and is animated very nicely. But what does it mean?


Yeah let’s move on to the 90s, please…

Marc B.

Who says this is 80’s?

You people “talk talk talk” without “think think think”.


I think it’s safe to ask ” is everyone tired of HEARING THE COMMENT “is anyone tired of the eighties?.””. becasue the “eighties” were tired like in 1995 ( in other forms of pop culture..maybe you didnt catch it if you werent in LA or NYC at the time…) although lots of peeps still mine that crap….maybe because of vh1…

i think using obvious references from the past is kind of an easy way of working..

“I PITY THE FOOLS”…who plagiarize from the 80’s… HAHA


I think the comment was “is anyone tired of the HIPSTER style yet?” I SURE AM. I could go the rest of my life without seeing rainbows and triangles in a piece please. And no, I am not a homophobe….I am a hipsterphobe. Williamsburg terrifies me.


williamsburg is kind of scary. i’m not so anti-hipster eighties whatever on this piece, but i am very interested in seeing someone intelligently respond to the comment “what does it mean?” that’s the biggest thing i have with alot of work in the strictly motion graphics field. it seems easier to throw a damn triangle at a skull than to make any sense of why that image is striking or why it popped in your head in the first place. i would never disrespect this work- i think it’s very well done but i can begin to understand why people bring up eighties and hipsters when there is no distinct idea or theme to attach many of the images and techniques to.


at least it’s not a fucking commercial, right?

Marc B.

Guys, don’t be so mean to stardust.


actually, i watched it again and i’m beginning to get more of a sense of it. I’m sorry I jumped to judgement on it. I definitely think there’s more to it than what meets the eye upon first viewing.

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