Claude Chabot: Apnee


Claude Chabot’s “Apnée” is a deceptively simple film that uses cleverly conceived 3D scenes to tell a story in a refreshingly innovative way. Each scene is meticulously constructed in order to be unpacked by the viewer, whose deliciously fun job it is to construct a narrative around the clues provided.

The moral: Mommas don’t let your babies grow up to be paparazzi.

Apparently, “Apnée” screened at the recent Platform International Animation Festival, but it didn’t net any awards. Seems like a travesty. I hope Mr. Chabot gets the laurels he deserves soon.

(If you have trouble viewing the video at the above link, try right-clicking to gain a little more control over playback. Or try watching it here.)

Bug ups to our very own Babe Elliott Baker for spotting this one and bringing it to our attention.

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Holy crappin heck. I wanna do that when I grow up.


The people seem almost too photoreal to be 3d

Marc B.

I like this a lot. The people seem camera mapped photos on the 3d models.


Amazing 3D really great work. Shame it didnt win any awards yet.


That is some crazy creepy shit. I loved it. Totally kept me glued to the screen the entire time. Nice job!

Marc B.

Yeah, now i know what i was thinking of! Fight club sex scene! :D


Holly shit that was awesome. So seamless between the photorealistic and CG looking elements. Great idea to tell a short story as well.


Uhm. A little too similar to “Le foto dello scandalo”, ain’t it?


Man I would love to see a “making of” short about this one.

Joe Clay

A making of would definitely be nice! Very cool concept.

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