“Nathan Love” Has Arrived

Nathan Love
The mission is simple: Have fun, do great work, and make people smile. Judging by their website, Nathan Love has been involved in some fantastic work. Cat Sammich has been one of my favorite sets of bumpers since I was first introduced to it. They obviously have no problem flexing their muscles in different styles of animation; compare any two spots to see what I mean.

When it comes to displaying your work, some companies just “get it”. Nathan Love is obviously one of them. With their clean, easy to navigate website, free of pop ups and annoying browser resize issues, it’s easy to predict that although they are a new company, they will outlast more than a few. Add them to your bookmarks and check back often as Joe has told me several new and very interesting internal spots will be posted soon.

Nathan Love is: Joe Burrascano, Kate Burrascano, and Dan Vislocky, joined by another half dozen talented people and animals. They are located in New York and they are here to make you smile.

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For the oddest reason this site makes me want to think about my dad !!


The Fanta spots are really amazing. Nice to see the whole campaign now, too. That chick with the Psyop shirt is cute.

Marc B.

Sluggy is cool. Not a big fan of fanta because of the typical AO look. Seems like psyop is outsourcing a lot lately.

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