While browsing the link collection – I came to a long time favorite which I have not visited for quite some time – and to my pleasant surprise there was a solid update – and a rather interesting on of it’s kind – I will not try to reformulate what was well written so a quote is at it’s best:

“…This work falls under the clauses stipulated in the Creative Commons license. As outlined in the license, anyone is free to remix this work, provided they credit the author of the original source. Hence, because the work is made freely available, I have left the remixing possibilities to the potential artists and individual everyones who may intellectually benefit from the work within the sharing economy.”

The work is self it a good solid abstract approach which I rarly see being pulled off – except when Defasten has something to do with it.
Defasten Main site.
Direct link to the piece.

And if you are in the mood I would recommend it in full screen.

About the author

Sofus was born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark where he studied at Copenhagen Technical School (KTS) and finished with a degree in Graphic Design for printed matters and Motion Design - His entrance on the work fields was at a conceptual development agency in copenhagen where he worked on corporate video productions for international food and brewage brands. After 3 years doing that he moved with his girlfriend Birgit Schmidt to Vienna, Austria - where he currently works as freelancer.



All I can say is
But it sure doesn’t hurt seeing something similar again.


—“SEQUENCE-01” relates itself to information architecture’s choregraphed aesthetics as informed by semiotics and the language of digital information. It has been often addressed that the instrinsic intangibility of networks like the web is reminiscent of the human mind’s vast capacity to absorb knowledge, how ever metaphoric it may appear. French philosopher Jacques Derrida inspired deconstructivist approaches to various disciplines, and this work presented here is driven by such a controversial yet applicable philosophy.—


The moment when a piece does not NEED a ‘gallery tag,’ explaining its philosophical ties to controversial yet applicable Derridaen thinking patterns (and whatnot), it will then succeed.


mate. Gantz Graf is soooooo much better.

sorry but this just looked dated to me. circa 2002 with distinct shades of pleixism in some of the other works on the site.

not knocking it, just not my bag. :-)

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