Petra Mrzyk & Jean-Francois Moriceau: Katerine “Excuse Moi”

This treat from Petra Mrzyk & Jean-Francois Moriceau has been burning up the interw3bs, and for good reason.


Thinking about the sustained level of creativity and hard work necessary to pull this off makes me cry inside. What I love most is the sheer love of hand-wrought typography that this project displays. This sort of craftsmanship is truly inspiring.

Oh, and in case it wasn’t blazingly obvious from the headline, the track is “Excuse Moi” by Katerine, something I would probably never listen to without these visuals.

A couple kind readers have emailed me about this item, but I saw it first on Computerlove.

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It’s official… the French have won.
The Air de Paris archives have just consumed my entire weekend.

Marc B.

Very cool!


agreed. the french have won.

…mind boggling.


can we mention the fact that their are snails in space? i think that has been overlooked in this piece. but yes, the french are pwning their share of mograph.


for all you non-French-speaking motionographers, the first line of this song is so good that I feel the need to translate it for you:

“Excuse moi, j’ai ejacule dans tes cheuveux…” loosely translates to “Excuse me, I ejaculated in your hair.”



I hate to say it, I really do, but this piece does nothing for me.

I do appreciate the effort that must have went into the text which looks great! But other than that I don’t see what is so interesting…

It of course, could be the language barrier, since many did enjoy the piece. :-)


eh.. brazil still pwns. this is more of a homage to old school animation imo

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