New Feature: Troika for MHD


I just put up a new interview with Troika Design Group about their bold new rebrand of MHD. I spoke with Dan Pappalardo, one of Troika’s original three founders, about Troika’s background and the ins and outs of the MHD project.

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This was a very challenging project because i worked on it as well. I think there are a few individuals whose hard work made it possible to complete this project that wasnt mentioned in the article. Well done gents!

Benjamin Hendrix – 3d Maya animator/character animator/modeler
Craig Stouffer – 3D C4D animator/modeler/compositor
Maz – 3D C4D animator/modeler/compositor

Great stuff! I have a real soft spot for work that immerses you in fantasy worlds like this. Makes it feel fun and childlike to explore each piece.

Cool to hear about C4D and Maya working together too…this is the second spot of recent that used both in the 3D workflow.


Very impressive. Haven’t seen anything from them in a while. Now if they could just redesign their damn site already.


good on ya ben craig and maz… establishing a proper workflow between maya and cinema is no small feat..


Congrats to all involved in the project. Huy Dang taught me a lot about working efficiently within Maya on this one, thanks Huy. And to those considering a maya+c4d pipeline: don’t expect a smooth ride.

Best of luck to Troika on future weird/fun projects like this, it was a great experience! Mike, Heather, Craig, Maz and Huy are amazing artists.

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