Echolab/Shilo for Lucozade Alert


Sound design and music composition studio Echolab teamed up with Shilo to create a high-impact spot for Lucozade Alert energy drink. In addition to the TV-friendly mix with music, Echolab has posted a sound design-only mix, which will hopefully get mixed in Dolby 5.1 for theaters.

This is a an excellent look at what a difference sound design can make. I don’t need to explain this to you guys, but audio is a huge component of successful motion graphics, and Echolab’s attention to detail brings this spot to life. Notice how the punched-up reverb, for example, adds to the sense of space as the Lucozade football thingy bursts into a huge chamber around 00:19. So nice.

(The soundtrack, by the way, wasn’t composed by Echolab; it’s from a band called “Switches.”)

I don’t mean to play down Shilo’s end of this project, though. The spot flows beautifully and maintains its intensity with a prowess reminiscent of their Scion “Shadow” spot. As usual, they rocked the animation from tip to tip.

Watch the TV mix | Watch the Cinema (sound design-only) mix | Watch the spot on Shilo’s site

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First of all its great to see the audio getting some attention here. like Justin said:
“audio is a huge component of successful motion graphics”.

The Echolab guys really know what they are doing.
Being a Composer/sounddesigner myself i can tell you, working on a spot like that is like a Sounddesigners wet dream. Spots like that really give the sound a chance to shine.

The only criticism i have, is that the sound is almost too realistic/technical in my opinion. Obviously thats the sound these mechanic and flying things would make in the “real” world. But the fact, that we are INSIDE THE BRAIN, opens lots of doors for the sounddesign and some really surreal and crazy sounds could be added to the reallistic sounds, at least in the background. I mean you could hear synapses connecting, hear “thoughts” flying by, the blood pumping in the venes and whatnot….

if the “Sounddesign only mix” is just the original version with the music muted…than its great the way it is. If this is a true “standalone” version, that should stand on its own and they had the whole audio range available without having to leave room for the music in the mix, then there could be done a lot more Soundwise.
Apart of that its great sounddesign.

Another example of great Sounddesign (and music) was the Psyop “Happiness factory”. Dont know who did it but its brilliant work. And also the “Shorts” IDs by Buck are a great example of how Sounddesign can add a lot to the visuals. Without the Sound supporting the Idea (which it does extremely well) those IDs would surely be a lot less funny.


hi david.

yup the sound design only mix is the same version as the TV mix with just a couple of extra layers to bridge parts where the track took over.

it was a “sounddesigners wet dream” until I heard the music track that was chosen! there isn’t much room (frequency-wise) to fit the kind of sonics you could use if it were a sound design only project, also, the brief was to not to get too abstract!

to get techy – I used a frequency analyser to see where there was room in the music track and tried to push all my elements into that space where possible, only dipping the music track’s low frequencies at a few points to let through some more low-end impacts.

anywhoo, thanks for your compliments, and constructive criticisms!
I just checked your website – very impressive work!!!

look forward



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nah i was just pissed a little about the recent overwhelming commercial work posts…but the last few were splendid! Im just in love with breakthrough shit like nando costa puts out ..consistently and it works..

I guess i like change and i kinda feel our genre has the possibilites to do it faster than anything else..

I guess id rather see different, rather than better ( in the sense of improving something already estabilshed in style).

and its sad that clients for big corps want to see soemthing specific…but you have to be a cunt to get your shit out there…

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