Fall Is Just Something That Grown-Ups Invented

Shilo smashed together live action, hand-drawn typography and cel animation for a raucous redesign of Cartoon Network.


What’s nice about this approach is that Shilo managed to create a fun, audience-appropriate vibe without bowing to the usual clichéd cuteness often associated with children’s programming. There’s a “grown-upness” about the graphics, wardrobe and especially the music that seems to be more of an insider’s high-five to kids than a sidelong wink.

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great work, shilo! the animations work so well with the live action, which is tastefully stylish on its own. the snake in the grass approach suits cartoon network perfectly.


that’s cool dude
I think the little kids are all acting like assholes though and cartoon network is starting to scare me….they are falling into that disney channel stinky ass realm. All these live action shows starting to pop up on there I’m like WTF?

In that spot it’s asshole kids…I saw not one cartoon character.

Yeah they have out of jimmy’s head and now there’s some show with david duchoveny they are doing and then some game show shit I read about yesterday.I wish there was the characters dancing around with them…but those kids are snake in the grass hipster assholes and the cartoon characters would get mad at them. So it would start out as dancing…then bloo pulls out a baseball bat, smakcs the kid off the dj table and calls him a shit face. Then kid that does the justin timberlake pose just gets an upper cut from my gym partner’s a monkey.

Then “fall is a thing that grown ups invented” what the fuck kind of tag line is that?
Fall is a season and it’s been around for centuries and it’s when halloween and thanksgiving happen and you get to jump in leaves…yeah so I guess fall sucks and grown ups just made it up to make you asshole kids miserable. Grown ups also invented porn too why don’t you go check that out as well.

Oh by the way the design and everything is really cool it’s fun to look at.


the hat on the DJ one


Yes schmegma, I think you will win Motionographer’s comment of the year award.


Ah, the asshole kids. Really, the only case around for beating children. Brrrbrr I mean haha you’re right! Stinky ass, indeed.


Shilo basically rehashed their Gap rock jeans spot, but in a fresh way. I love this! They were able to combine kiddie cartoon aesthetics with the overdone 3D collage/live-action environment to make something new.

But yeah, those kids are assholes, and really, the song makes no sense at all. Is that The Hives? Do they roast and eat children in Sweden during the fall? Also, I remember when I was a kid and I’d see videos that were targeted at me that featured kids on skateboards, and I’d never think they were cool. I always assumed the adults responsible for making the videos didn’t understand kids very well. I think kids might not like to see other kids doing ‘crazy’ stuff as much as they’d like to see cartoon characters, but this video is energetic and sincere enough that it’ll probably work. The fact that the kids are assholes means that other kids will fear and/or respect them. Except for that kid on the surfboard. He’ll get beat up.


I like it very much… The video is playful and stylish.. The live action perfectly blended well with the animation. Love the color going all around the video and well, the video is pretty cool dude… :)


schmegma, you just made my day


“snake in the grass hipster assholes”? holy shit u r fucking hilarious son


thats prolly the best shit i’ve heard in about 3 months. fuck these primpy babies, when i was their age i wore kaleidascopeic fucking lizards and shit on my shirt that spelled out like “COWABUNGA” plus Russell sweatpants.

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